a favourite past time of the Singaporeans
Tuesday April 24th 2018

My favourite Fish Ball Noodle Stall

Once upon a time, almost every coffeeshop has an anchor tenant, and chances are that it is a noodle stall. It could be Teochew Fishball Noodles or Hokkien Bakcho (minced meat) Noodles or even the Cantonese Wanton Noodles. One can take this at any time of the day. It could be for breakfast, break, lunch, dinner or supper. Or for that matter when you are hungry. In my lifetime so far, I started out eating a bowl of the noodles at 20 cents for noodles with soup and 30 cents for noodles that are called as “dry” (translated from Hokkien or Teochew’s Ta, such as Mee Pok Ta, the famous dish that would come out from any typical Singaporean Chinese about what he or she misses when away from home. Now it is S$2.50 or S$3.00 to start off. In airconditioned food court, the prices are higher, but not equal to the taste.

My favourite stall
It's got the taste

Ah, and so, I was and am still on the prowl for good noodles. At least to my taste. The soup, the noodles – it has to be boiled just nice with the Q factor, the fish cakes, the fish balls (It is sad that most stalls would order these from the factory. They used to make their own!) and yes, for the “Ta” version, the chilli gravy has to give that umph! For chilli, the taste really differs with different people. So, one’s chilli could be the other’s yuks.

The latest that is my favourite so far (since some 5 years) is this stall at the coffeeshop at Blk.58 Lengkok Bahru. Talk about memory, this guy who cooks the noodles could remember all the orders – no notes. And yet, he could still have conversations with many people at once. Most of the customers are in the neighbourhood or the sales guys from the car showrooms nearby. And so, it was always an order, some chat, and some playful chit and themes could run.

There’s only one stall here and because of the size of the coffeeshop, one just has to find a place where he or she could put a bowl of noodles on and a cup of coffee, perhaps. The coffee here is good. Again, a hard find these days.