a favourite past time of the Singaporeans
Tuesday April 24th 2018

Food & Fruits and the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival

Buah Duku Langsat

It is the time of the year, the 7th month of the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. This year, the 7th Month falls on 10 August and will last till 7 September 2010, which is the 29th of the 7th Month. The Chinese would call this month as the Zhong Yuan Jie. Some call it the Ghost Festival. Someone else coined it the Hungry Ghost Festival.

In the old days, when most people were poor, Zhong Yuan Jie was one of the festivals that apart from making offerings to the deceased (the ancestors) and also to the wandering souls, that were said to be coming back to the earth realm, it was a time for great makan, as far as the kids were concerned. The poor parents might have to scrapped their savings or even borrow money to make a decent offering to their ancestors. To us kids, it was a time when we could taste chicken and duck and an assortment of fruits.

7th month is normally around August and it is probably the hottest season in Singapore. It is also a season of many local fruits. I always remember the 7th month with Buah Duku (the local Chinese would call it maluku, a mis-pronounciation of Buah Duku?) followed by Buah Langsat, and there’s the Duku Langsat (a cross?). Rambutans, mangosteen and durians too. For various reaons, Durians were never (almost never) offered to the Ancestors nor the Gods.